Kingsajz Topo

Photo / Zdjęcie: Adam Pustelnik, Majstersztyk VI.4+/7c

Let me introduce TRAD lines with first ascents done in early 2020 – still hot. This type of sandstone is granite-like – extremely firm. More than a dozen of cracks and corners with excellent natural protection . Walls are up to 15 meters. Grades between 4a and 7c+, out of which nine routes are 7b+ up. Moreover, there are five bolted routes and quite a few interesting boulder problems.

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Leavittation – Crack Climbing How To

Learn how to Leavittate in an off-width, to be able to smoothly move through a crack. Based on my adventure with the off-widths, I will show You what milestones to set for yourself in order to continue progressing. I will also provide a historical background on how the technique was developed and what books to read to fine tune your climbing in that size. Moreover, You will be able to peek on the designs of various crack generators.

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Staying Motivated Going to Your Fourties

I’ve been tight to a rope with quite a few individuals in my life – with this gentlemen in particular. I’ve had some dark moments in my life immediately after my 2nd ACL surgery, wining that I will never be able to climb again. His reaction was immediate and gave me enough motivation to rehab actively for the next two years, what as a side effect kicked my climbing to the next level. He just turned to his fourties. The movie is my attempt to repay the motivational debt that I own him forever. Here is the original email.

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